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Robust investing tools
Get easy-to-use tools and the latest professional insights from our company
We make it easy to adjust your portfolio and switch between different investment programs to suit your needs at every life stage
Client service
We aim to provide our clients with a superior level of service and the knowledge that their wealth is in safe hands for the long-term
How to get started investing with Phoenix Group?
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Invest and watch your capital grow
Maximum protection
Investing in our company is a proven solution that allows you to minimize investments risks due to the distribution of funds between several accounts (forex, cryptocurrency and stocks), combined into one portfolio.
Average monthly yield 6%
Standard investment plan
Monthly return (ROI): 4-6%
Minimum initial investment: $1 000
Minimum investment period: 3 months
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Ultra investment plan
Monthly return (ROI): 6-8%
Minimum initial investment: $3 000
Minimum investment period: 6 months
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Return on investment
  • Bar chart
  • Area chart
  • 2018 4.82 5.13 5.98 5.56 6.17 4.19 4.34 4.72 5.96 5.45 4.79 5.19
  • 2019 4.19 4.56 5.33 5.81 4.42 4.91 5.88 4.74 5.27 6.15 4.69 4.22
  • 2020 4.76 4.22 5.49 5.88 4.41 5.11 5.97 4.12 4.85 4.39 6.24 5.28
  • 2021 4.47 4.15 5.76 4.93 4.36 5.71 4.52 5.67 6.16 4.18 5.35 4.78
  • 2022 4.11 5.41 4.88 5.77 4.49 4.36 5.12 4.96 5.42 4.27 4.93 4.14
  • 2023 4.72 5.13 4.11 5.76 5.49 5.16 4.41 5.63 5.31 5.97 6.03 6.17
  • 2024 4.23 4.41 3.56 4.19
Investment calculator
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Investment growth over time
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Deposit interest
Total amount with interest
Basic amount of accruals
Total monthly fee
Methods for crediting investments
Bank transfer
Cryptocurrency (BitCoin, ETH)
Perfect money
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Risk information

This material provides general information only and does not take into account your individual objectives, financial situation, needs or circumstances. Before making any investment decision, you should therefore assess whether the material is appropriate for you and obtain financial advice tailored to you having regard to your individual objectives, financial situation, needs and circumstances. This material is not a financial product recommendation or an offer or solicitation with respect to the purchase or sale of any financial product in any jurisdiction.

Any investment is subject to investment risk, including delays on the payment of withdrawal proceeds and the loss of income or the principal invested. While any forecasts, estimates and opinions in this material are made on a reasonable basis, actual future results and operations may differ materially from the forecasts, estimates and opinions set out in this material. No guarantee as to the repayment of capital or the performance of any product or rate of return referred to in this material is made by Phoenix Group.

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