Payments for April month

Today is PAYOUT DAY for our investors! Profit for April month.

We have 8 investors, who officially allowed us to partially disclose their identity, investments and profits. All of investors are keeps with Standard investment plan (Average month return 10%). Trading for Ultra investment plan (Average month return 15%) resumed.

Standard investment plan:

  1. $10000 invested (Germany). April profit = $1026 (status: withdraw)
  2. $20000 invested (USA). April profit = $2052 (status: withdraw)
  3. $60940 invested (England). April profit = $6252 (status: reinvested)
  4. $60000 invested (Japan). April profit = $6156 (status: reinvested)
  5. $115864 invested (Dubai). April profit = $10212 (status: reinvested)
  6. $15000 invested (USA). April profit = $1539 (status: withdraw)
  7. $350000 invested (China). April profit = $35920 (status: withdraw)
  8. $20000 invested (Russia). April profit = $0 (status: just invested)

Bitcoin transfers.


Don't hesitate - invest in Phoenix Investments and get 7-10% of every month return with Standard investment plan or 12-15% of every month return with Ultra investment plan. Start now with your passive income and get new possibilites!

If you are interested, please contact us.

We accept payments through BTC or Bank transfers.

Posted on May 01, 2020

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