• Happy New 2021 Year!

    Dear Investors!

    A couple of days before the New Year, we would like to thank all investors for their trust! This means a lot to us and next year we plan to expand the line of instruments that we will use for trading, as well as many interesting innovations.

    We also plan to develop and create a closed website where a personal account will be created for each investor. In the personal account, the investor will be able to monitor the profitability of his investments in real time every day. In addition, in your personal account, you can send a request for depositing and withdrawing investments, s...

  • Where to Invest

    The most common way to invest money is a bank deposit. It is quite reliable and not very profitable - up to 11% per annum.

    Definitely a bank deposit is a story about how to save money, but not increase (inflation).

    Based on feedback, activity and information that was collected from my investors and people with whom I communicate, as well as the number of contributions to certain assets from citizens of Europe, the USA and Russia, I have compiled several optimal investment options for the each deposit.

    Deposit | Best options

    up to $10 000 | Bank, trading, trust management, currency

    $10 000 - $5...


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